Raspberry Pi 3 Model B's are now in stock!

 We are so happy to announce that we have in stock some of the latest RPI3's!

So what is all the fuss about?

Well this is the first RPI to have built in Wifi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE. Not to mention a faster processor and all in the same form factor so you can just plug one in.

Our Kits include an official case and a heat sink so all you need is a sd-card and a power supply (you can get started by using an old phone charger).

All those that pre-ordered should have it in their letterbox by this Wednesday (26/04) I will contact you once it is dropped off. :)

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New Wearables IN !!!

We have some fresh new wearable stock in so you can can turn your frock on! Our latest and greatest allow you to tech up your cosplay or smarten up your style with ease.

Wear your Tech passion

Don't let your passion for technology keep you from the limelight, add some blinky bling to your things and steal the show!

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Latest Products - 16-06-2016

Every time it feels like our birthday !!!

We have just had another delivery of amazing products delivered!!

As always we cant wait to rip it open and get straight into what is inside. This time it is mixture of some smart home / home automation equipment such as sets of 4 5v opto isolated relays or some reed switches to monitor doors and window to remind you that you left the laundry door open before you go to bed or attach to a monitoring system to alert you of an unexpected presence.

We also had some uBlox NEO-6M GPS units arrive that are easy to use and are also able to put out raw GPS data, we will be exploring their potential use in a RTK based system for centimeter based positional accuracy. - keep checking the blogs to keep up to date.

For the robotics enthusiasts, we have some HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement boards with  <3mm precision and a range of up to 4.5 meters they are a versatile unit at a super special introductory price, dont miss out. We also can bring you some IR based light sensors designed with the line following robot in mind, They have adjustable threshold as well as 4 snap off sensors to allow flexible positioning.

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