New Wearables are in!

Add some Blinky Bling to your threads!!

Kurt Schoenhoff
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So ATTiny, so Cute!

At the heart(or brain??) of the wearables is the lily pad ATTiny85 based MCU board.

It is programmable via the Arduino IDE and has a tiny 25mm round footprint, holes designed for conductive thread ans even a micro usb for programming or power supply.

We love wearables and are looking forward to working with those equally adept behind the soldering iron or behind a sewing machine. This tiny technology gives cosplay outfits the edge and allows the upgrading of ordinary clothing into something spectacular.

Pixel leds for your cloths!!

I'm sure we don't have to go into just how cool Pixel leds are, but I will anyway! Imagine having full control of a RGB led allowing you to set it to any different variation of RGB additive colour mixing that 16 bits can provide, then being able to just connect another, and another, and another.......... Only using a single output pin from your MCU !

Now imagine being able to sew this creative power into your skirt, shoes, hat, bag, you name it, you sew it!!

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Sew in Battery compartment.

If the though of bulky battery packs and birds nests of cabling turns you off, turn on to this sewable battery holder. Not only does it hold a nice discrete sized power supply for your project, it is sewing friendly with + and - available from each side, it also has a tiny on/off switch to allow the wearer easy power control over what they are wearing.