NodeMCU + Pixel LEDs

Getting started with the NodeMCU and WS2801 Pixel Leds.

Kurt Schoenhoff
August 2016   2008 views

theMakers.org Group Project and information sessions overview.

First part of a "theMakers.org" open group project information session.

Kurt Schoenhoff
August 2016   347 views

Arduino basics 04 - wire your own led

What if you want more than just one led - or dont like the colour?

Kurt Schoenhoff
May 2016   534 views

Arduino basics 03 - Upload your code

Make it come to life !

Kurt Schoenhoff
May 2016   445 views

Arduino basics 02 - Connecting

Software and initial connection.

Kurt Schoenhoff
May 2016   470 views

Arduino basics 01 - Introduction

What is an "Arduino" ?

Kurt Schoenhoff
May 2016   803 views

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