Arduino basics 02 - Connecting

Software and initial connection.

Kurt Schoenhoff

    Software installation

    The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is available for free from the downloads page on the Arduino website. Choose the appropriate download for your system, if you are using windows I would recommend the "installer" version as it is a little easier to get up and running.

    Additional drivers and libraries

    Today there are a myriad of devices that are able to be programmed in the Arduino IDE including Wifiand Bluetooth devices that can run programs without an additional Micro Controller Unit (MCU) as well as some faster, slower, smaller, larger, taller, shorter, etc. MCU's. To allow your computer to recognize these devices you may need to install some drivers or import some libraries. Depending on the device you may need to approach it a little differently, most devices will allow an easy installation unless they are only very recently released.

    Here are a couple of links that may help if you don't have a standard Arduino board.

    Arduino IDE showing Blink program


    After you have installed the Arduino IDE and any additional drivers and libraries for your board its time to connect to your Arduino.

    1. First you need to select your board from the tools/board menu check your device if you are unsure of exact model.

    2. Then select the port your board is connected to from tools/port if there is a large number of ports available try disconnecting unneeded devices or have a look in your device manager(windows) to see what port your device is connected to.

    3. Set the upload speed via tools/upload speed if you dont know this try with the default it will most likely work unless you have changed something from the default.

    The lower right of your Arduino IDE window should show the settings for your device.

    You should now be ready to upload your first program if you have any problems check the arduino forums or ask us.


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