Group Project and information sessions overview.

First part of a "" open group project information session.

Kurt Schoenhoff

Why? has decided that we need a group project that people can work on without deterring people who have outside commitments that may not allow them to spend as much time at working on the project as they may like. 

The Idea.

We would like to create an artistic structure that utilizes some publicly available data in a unique way, Current plan is to use near-real time information about the water on the reef to influence and or directly control the display. We are looking at using wave height , tidal, temperature and other water quality metrics available from GBRMPA to control multiple stands of pixel leds that are arranged in an artistic fashion upon a nature inspired artistic framework that will inspire locals and visitors alike as well as being able to be used for near real time information on current reef conditions.

The Plan

We aim to keep the project as open as possible to allow the peoples creativity and skills who are involved in the project a fertile place to cross pollinate and grow.

For the coders we will have a github project page which you are encouraged to fork / branch and make pull requests on using a gitflow mindset.

For the more mechanically minded we will need to share some plans and ideas of how to build the structure and what materials to use. (this will also be hosted with the github project but you may prefer to exchange plans and ideas however you wish.)

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2016-08-23 Session 01 - NodeMCU + Pixel LED's.

To launch our information series and project we will be meeting at at E block Cairns TAFE.

Come along and bring you laptop if you would like to dive right in or just some for the talk and connect.

We will be getting acquainted with the NodeMCU in the Arduino Environment as well as some strings of WS2801 Pixel LEDs, starting off with a lightning talk by Kurt Schoenhoff.

NQMakerSupplies will be donating some NodeMCU's and Pixel LED's for the project, so make sure you RSVP to to ensure we get the numbers right.